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Here at Simple Tax Care, we understand that people find themselves overwhelmed with the IRS for many reasons — job loss, medical expenses, the rising costs of raising a family or the harsh realities of the sharp economic downturn.

Through strategic negotiations and implementation of proper IRS procedures, our experienced team will work directly with the IRS to solve your tax problem and stop garnishments and levies. You owe it to yourself to let Simple Tax Care help you. Listen, Piece of mind is priceless! Let Simple Tax Care get the resolution you need and the piece of mind deserve.

Call today to speak with a Professional Tax Consultant to relieve you of the stress and sleepless nights. You will receive a, no-obligation consultation to help determine the proper program for you or, simply fill out the form to the right and we will contact you within 24 hours. Call (800) 506-8430 today! .